Woman Fakes Breast Cancer for Boob Job

Photo: LancerenoK, Flickr
Photo: LancerenoK, Flickr

So her marriage sucked, and she thought a breast augmentation would help mend fences. But 24-year-old Trista Joy Lathern couldn’t afford a boob job, and that’s why she faked having breast cancer to raise some cash.

Yep, the Texas gal told friends and family she needed life-saving cancer treatment — she even shaved her head! — and then she hosted fundraisers (performances by four bands, a raffle, a silent auction and a bake sale) and raked in $10,000 for her cause.

Ironically, medical records show that Lathern did have a breast mass removed in February, but it was benign. Nothing benign about her cancer hoax, though. She’s been arrested for theft by deception, with a bond set at $7,500.

And did she get the bigger boobs before she got caught? Sure did, to the tune of $6,800. Did it fix her marriage? I’m thinking not.