My Words Are In Mumbai

India_storyOn November 12, 2014, I received this email:

Hi. I am a journalist from Mumbai (formerly Bombay), India. I have followed your blog for years. It wasn’t by chance that I saw it. Since my sister was first diagnosed and passed away three years after complications from breast cancer in 2000, I have been reading about it. It was during one such search that I came across your blog. I have been reading it since then. In fact, you inspired me to start my own blog, called

I work for an English newspaper called Mid-Day and would like to interview you about your blog and your journey from diagnosis to being cancer free. The interview will, of course, be on email though I would have loved to meet you. Please let me know if I could send you the questions for the same on this address.

I told her that YES, she could send me the questions. And she did. And I answered them. And this just published:

I needed to dry my tears’

PDF version
Online version

Thank you, Ashlesha Athavale, for the opportunity to share—and for committing to the breast cancer cause in honor of your sister.


2 thoughts on “My Words Are In Mumbai

  1. Hi Jacki,
    Wonder if you’d be interested in volunteering as a cancer blog mentor? I’m creating a free online course (MOOC) for anyone who might want to start blogging about their cancer journey. I’m looking for bloggers willing to answer questions and help support newbies with blogging. So far I’ve setup a space on Facebook (group “cancer blog mentors”) for the mentors to connect. Would love it if you’d join us.

  2. So good to see strong women connecting throughout our world! We truly can touch another’s life and lift one another up…Thank you God for healing and restoring lives and for friendships that are rare, through breast cancer care! Awesome article of praise ladies! Hugs!

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