Small World, Big Hope

Ericha was my college roommate, the girl with whom I was randomly placed when I decided to stop commuting and moved into a residence hall at Kent State University. We hit if off, had a lot of laughs, got in little bits of trouble (noise violations, just noise!), and we managed to stay connected over the years. I can’t even remember the last time I saw her, but our Facebook chats leave me feeling like not much time or distance separates us.

Ericha is joining me in my  5K challenge (she runs in Ohio, and I run in Florida), and for the past few days, we’ve been posting on each other’s FB walls about our progress. We’ve inspired a few others who have decided to pound the pavement, and we’ve got lots of friends commenting on our respective strides. I love it. I especially love that Ericha linked to my blog in one of her posts, and this morning, her friend Cindy wrote to me. Here are her words:

I live near Ericha, and our children attend school together. Though we have never been close, we talk from time to time at school functions, and now on FB. Over a year ago, I had a lump removed from my breast (stage 2). Being a single mom to 4, with no other family, I was petrified I would leave my children without a mother. I had also just lost my mother, a non-smoker, to lung cancer only a few months before. My grandmother had died from breast cancer, my dad, sister, and best friend all to cancer. I began researching everything I could online. All of the articles were basically the same, but then I came across a blog — a blog I could relate to, a blog that gave me hope. But after a car accident, being pronounced cancer-free, other minor stressors, and life just “happening,” I forgot about the blog. Last night I pulled out my old laptop that I hadn’t used since November, and started cleaning out the files. Lo’ and behold, there was the blog. Curious as to what was happening with the author, I opened it. Immediately I realized it was the same blog Ericha had posted on her FB wall! It was YOU! I just want to thank you for getting me through a very difficult time in my life. I had you on my church prayer list, and prayed for you daily. I am sure I’m not the only one who was encouraged and motivated by your words. Not only did you motivate me to keep on keeping on, you prepared me for what was yet to come, and gave me HOPE. Without hope, we have nothing. THANK YOU! God bless you and your family.

And that is why I will continue to blog.