Goodbye and Sweet Dreams, Daria

Mostly, I feel more hope than despair regarding breast cancer. And then there are days like today, when someone else dies from the disease, and an aching heart hurts me all over.

Daria passed away today. She was a Facebook friend, a sister blogger, a hard-core survivor.

Daria was diagnosed in 2000 at the age of 39 — why do people insist that breast cancer is not a young woman’s disease? — and she was treated with radiation, chemotherapy, and hormone therapy. Then her cancer recurred in her chest area, and then another lump was found in her breast, and then it showed up in her lungs, liver, and bones. As a result, Daria was living on chemotherapy, and had been since August 2008. Remarkable, she was, digging up the latest news and views on breast cancer and sharing all of it for her Facebook friends, blogging her daily triumphs and troubles, inspiring women all over the world.

And then on January 20, Daria’s husband told her loyal readers that she was no longer able to write. On January 21, he shared that she was resting comfortably but was losing touch. Today, he wrote, “I was by her side and was able to kiss her goodbye several times during the night and then watched her slip away quietly in her sleep.”

Daria is no longer in pain. And that’s a good thing, and it sounds like she can cross off #29 on her bucket list.

But she’s also no longer with us.

And that makes me sad.

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