e-Cancer Survey for the Under-40 Crowd

Here’s a quick on-line survey for those of you who were diagnosed with cancer under the age of 40, and who would like to share some thoughts about the use of mobile and Web-based technologies for coping and complying with cancer treatments.

Sponsored by the Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Advisory Board, UC Davis Cancer Center.

No identifying information will be obtained and participation implies consent.

And by quick, I mean it only takes a couple of minutes.

One thought on “e-Cancer Survey for the Under-40 Crowd

  1. Great idea. I think modern technology has helped so much with coping with the treatments. It’s a tough time, any help is always welcome.

    Another excellent survey that is underway is being conducted by the Cancer Support Community aiming to learn more about the unmet social and emotional needs of breast cancer survivors. More info can be found at http://www.breastcancerregistry.org.

    For all of you out there with cancer, these are great opportunities to improve the face of cancer treatment and improve the lives of many to come. Please get involved! You can make a difference.

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