Be Heard With a (Free) Pink Podium


Now, this is really cool: in support of breast cancer awareness, AmpliVox Sound Systems has manufactured a series of pink podiums to donate to breast cancer events and seminars, and they are being donated to anyone who is interested. Freight is included.

This is all part of the AmpliVox Pink Podium Promise. By donating one pink podium to every breast cancer awareness event or seminar, AmpliVox wants to raise the bar on being heard.

If you want to speak up about breast cancer, get the full scoop here.

One thought on “Be Heard With a (Free) Pink Podium

  1. How do I proceed with getting a pink podium donated to a breast cancer awareness event that I am affliated with? The Maine Cancer Foundation puts on a luncheon every year for 600 participants in Portland, Maine. The Cure Breast Cance for ME serves as a kick off to National Breast Cancer Awareness Month for the State of Maine. I can be contacted at 207 576 4308 or at

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