Chemo-Curly Hair, Pink Stuff and I Quit: October Round-Up

Goodbye October 2009

October is over, and what a busy 31 days it’s been. The month kicked off with LIVESTRONG Day, some fashionable and functional BondiBand headbands, a guest post over at MizFit’s site and that crazy celebrity Booby Scare video. Then there were some awesome giveaways — the “Stand by Her” book giveaway, the Sisterchick giveaway, the cupcake giveaway, the headband giveaway and the marble breast cancer pendant giveaway. Congrats to to all the winners, and thanks a bunch to everyone who so generously donated items.

This month, I saw more doctors, realized how much I love Dr. Lynch for saving my life, learned that my alternating mammogram/MRI schedule is a good one, heard that olive oil might help prevent breast cancer, and I decided I won’t try to straighten my chemo-curly hair with anything other than a flat iron. I shared one version of what breast cancer looks like, introduced you to Think Pink Photography so you can capture your own journey, reminded you that men can get breast cancer, too, and hopefully, you were inspired by the song Fight Like a Girl.

I had the pleasure this October of being named a Cool Adventure Girl, showing up on a license plate, having a gift named after me and being mentioned over at Fabulous Finds. For the fifth year in a row, I raised funds for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer (I am so grateful for the $2,755 donated by family and friends), and I ran the 5K faster than ever before. More important, however, is that I quit my job — and I am so very happy about that. Next up: More life lessons.

And what would October be without some mention of the color pink. We talked pink water bottles, pink wallets, Homecoming pink, a bus driver suspended for wearing pink and whether or not pink has gone too far.

Time now for November — the month I was diagnosed almost five years ago. I’m predicting good things are in store, and over the next 30 days, I plan to share them all right here.