Share Your Success Story!

tape-measure-200jd070809This isn’t entirely a post about breast cancer. It’s more about weight loss, which really does connect to breast cancer in a way, because there are many women (like me) who revamp their lifestyles, clean up their diets and get fit after a run-in with the disease. It’s a good idea, you know? The whole clean life thing.

Anyway, if you have a great weight loss success story and would like to be featured on That’s Fit (I write there too), then please leave me a comment, and I’ll be in touch. We’re sharing inspiring Biggest Loser sorta stories, and all you’d need to do is answer a few questions and submit two photos (before and after). Check out Mel in this post. And Roni in this one. And visit That’s Fit on Monday at 11 a.m. and check out Heather — impressive. These posts will give you a sense of how your spotlight would appear.

If you are not a candidate for this project of mine but know someone who might be, please send that person my way.

Pretty please.

And thank you.

Photo: D Sharon Pruitt, Flickr