It could be skin cancer

I went to the dermatologist on Monday for a suspicious something on my arm. It’s a small, red patch of skin that appears to change in size and color. Seemed time to have it checked out, so off I went with two little boys in tow to an exam room where a nurse numbed and a physician assistant removed a slice of skin for biopsy. Then the PA said, “It could be skin cancer.”

“Cancer?” said 7-year-old Joey. “That would be your second cancer. What was your first one again?”

I told him my first was breast cancer and that he shouldn’t worry since most skin cancers are pretty easy to fix. The PA jumped in, confirming that yes, indeed, skin cancer is usually no big deal. Sometimes, it’s removed with the biopsy alone, she said.

And so that is my hope, that if it is skin cancer that lives on my arm, it’s the kind that is a cinch to eradicate. Well, my hope is that it’s not skin cancer at all because, really, one cancer is enough. No seconds for me, thank you.

5 thoughts on “It could be skin cancer

  1. Kid, it better NOT be skin cancer! Darnit! I have a place to check out soon too.. but first.. gotta have the cancer from the breast CUT OUT Monday… then I will look into the skin thing,…grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr aren\’t you tired of this.. I AM !

  2. It won\’t be. I just know it. Good for you for being vigilant and having it checked out. Try not to worry. I\’m with you. Once is enough!

  3. That is so unfair. I’m sure it’s one of those little scrape it off ones and nothing to worry about. Then you can tell everyone you’ve kicked cancers butt TWICE!

  4. I have cancer too; Cervical cancer…but very little insurance to take care of myself. I feel like having coverage is more important than my life in regards to my physicians.. I am scared although I try to stay courageous. I hope all works out for you! I happened along your blog today, and you are a strong woman! May God bless you!

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