The doctor is in

If you’re new to the world of breast cancer, you need to see this doctor. I don’t mean you need to actually visit her, but you should consult her. Her name is Dr. Susan Love and she is, like, the expert, the guru, the absolute best. When I was first diagnosed, someone told me to buy her book—Dr. Susan Love’s Breast Book—because it’s considered the breast cancer bible. It was my constant companion for a long time. Late at night, when fear raced through my head and panic paralyzed me, I grabbed the good doctor and flipped through her pages. She always set my mind at ease and while some things she told me were scary, she mostly armed me with hope.

You should get her book—check it out right here—and you should visit her website too, right here. I promise you’ll like her. She’s warm, caring, smart, and she just happens to have all the latest and greatest facts on breast cancer. What are you waiting for? Your appointment awaits you.