Thankful for slow

Here’s how my typical day flows: Wake up at 6:15 AM and do everything it takes to get two little boys ready for school and out the door. Drive two little boys to school, walk them to their kindergarten and second-grade classrooms, depart school. Exercise. Shower. Dress. Eat big fruit salad. Write—for hours. Eat lunch. Head back to school, get boys, return home. Unpack backpacks and lunch boxes, manage homework and fights, sneak in more writing work, pack lunches, prep dinner, fold laundry, and whatever else comes my way—Wednesdays are library days, grocery stops are frequent, sometimes a movie, maybe a play date, a game of Sorry or Stratego here and there, a round of role playing with Danny (he’s loves to play toy store: He sells his toys; I buy them). We like to go outside too—and I suspect our outdoor adventures will ramp up a bit with this great cooler weather we’re having in Florida.

I am thankful for my schedule. Mornings are for me. They’re quiet—no they’re silent, and I love that. Afternoons are crazier, but it’s a nice balance. Overall, my schedule is slow. It’s not rushed. It’s not hectic. It’s not stressful. After yesterday, I realize how fortunate I am.

My yesterday started with at 5:15 AM workout because I knew a busy day faced me, and I just can’t miss my workout—it’s a mental health thing. Then I chaperoned Joey’s school field trip at Camp Crystal, where we hiked and marveled at nature, enjoyed a hayride, visited a museum, and ate lunch. Then we drove back, got Joey some more lunch—he didn’t touch the one provided at camp—and picked up Danny from school. Then home, where I changed into running gear, dumped the boys into John’s capable hands (he happened to be home from work yesterday, thank goodness) and all but raced out the door to meet a photographer at the University of Florida for a photo shoot—I’m going to be featured on the front page of UF’s website beginning October 1 (check out and you’ll see me as one of three spotlight people in the top banner). Photos took one hour, and then I met Tracy for a run on campus. Three miles and 30 minutes later, I was headed home. Arrival time: 5:15 PM—a whole 12 hours after I first starting doing lunges and squats in my garage. The night continued with the usual—showers, brush teeth, read book, lights out.

Pooped, I was, by the end of yesterday. So tired, I couldn’t even stop on the way home from campus to put gas in my car, a mistake I realized this morning while racing to do my school drop-off after waking much too late and starting the day off in a rush.

I didn’t like yesterday. I mean, I liked the individual events of the day, I just didn’t like the rush of it all, which makes me so thankful for today.





Just how I like it.

Photo courtesy of antkris on flickr