Not like school at all

After his first day at Camp Invention, Joey told me his day was full of fun and playing. “It’s not like school at all,” he told me with a smile smothered across his six-year-old face. “Yes,” I thought to myself. He likes it. I wasn’t sure he would. He’s my tentative kid, the one most suspect of all new things. Danny, on the other hand, just goes with the flow.

Four-year-old Danny went to a local zoo today with his summer camp program. He’s never done anything with anyone other than family so this is a big deal. Simply going to camp on his own is an accomplishment. The successful zoo trip really makes me smile.

“We saw peacocks,” Danny reported just before dinner tonight. “They spread out all the feathers on their back. We saw a fat alligator too.”

“Was it hot outside?” I asked him. Danny tends to whine when we’re outside in our 90-degree Florida temperatures for extended periods of time. “I was hotter than the whole wide world,” Danny declared. Still he survived, had fun even. I am so relieved.

My boys are doing great during their time away from home. I’m doing well too. I’m exercising every morning, all by myself, for as long as I want. I’m taking showers in peace and getting ready at my own pace. I’m writing, tinkering, lunching, shopping, and soaking up every hour I have free of chaos and conflict. And then I’m rushing to pick up my boys, sometimes a few minutes early, because another moment without them would just be too lonely.

The three of us are surviving our test run with ease. I think we’re thriving too. No, wait, I know we’re thriving.