Last week, Danny stood on the side rail of an empty Target shopping cart and pulled the red plastic and metal structure over. It knocked him to the floor and when I saw him, after being prompted by his screams, he was flat on his back with the cart balancing on his chest. Shoppers gasped and Target red shirts surrounded me, offering assistance and kindness. An ambulance and fire truck responded, just to be safe, and it was determined that Danny was just fine. He went home with a plastic fire hat, stickers, and a complimentary blue slushy from the Target staff. When I said to him later that day, “Danny, that was scary,” he said, “No, it was fun.”

Last week, Joey and Danny had their teeth cleaned. Going to the pediatric dentist is always exciting for me because my boys are perfect, well-adjusted, kind little men during their visits (they sometimes are not this way which is why dentist appointments are such special occasions). They get their teeth cleaned while I wait in the waiting room with no complaints, no cries for mommy, no problems. I get to read magazines and sit quietly and peacefully. When they march out to meet me, prizes and toothbrushes in hand, the dentist tells me they are so good and so cute and so sweet. And this time, the dentist also told me that Joey has two loose bottom teeth. Exciting! Especially for a boy who just turned five a few weeks ago. So each day we wiggle Joey’s loose teeth and wonder when they will fall out. We talk about the tooth fairy and what she might bring Joey. We are shocked by this milestone that just happened upon us.

And today, I had another Herceptin treatment. Not so exciting. I slept and am happy for the rest. And I am happy that for now, the excitement of Danny’s ambulance adventure and the thrill of Joey’s loose teeth outweigh the enormity of cancer treatment.

Jacki Donaldson