Dreaded Sunday

Sunday seems to be my worst day following chemo. I feel queasy on Sundays — but somehow, I have still been able to function. Not today.

Today I was sick — so sick I stayed in bed most of the day. I got up for bites of food and to go to the bathroom and that’s all I could manage. I felt an overwhelming feeling of nausea, had dry heaves, and felt shaky and weak when I tried to stand up. No fun.

The feeling is slowly passing, though. Maybe it was my mom’s home-cooked lasagna that I managed to eat for dinner. Maybe it’s my anti-nausea medication finally kicking in. I won’t question it too much. I’ll just hope I continue to feel better and that tomorrow is a better day.

Mondays are usually good days. Hopefully, tomorrow is no exception.

Jacki Donaldson