Side effects

Today I went back to the surgeon’s office. I have one little spot on one of my incisions that is not healing. It keeps getting a scab, the scab falls off, the tissue is exposed, and then it scabs again … then the scab falls off, the tissue is exposed and it scabs again. This has gone on for a week or so. But apparently it’s not infected and will heal in time. I will apply an antibiotic cream and it should get better.

Otherwise, I am feeling fine. I stopped taking my anti-nausea medication and have not felt any sickness without it. My temperature is still normal. And other than losing my hair and feeling queasy for a few days following each chemo treatment, I am not experiencing any side effects of chemotherapy.

There is one side effect, actually, that I have been experiencing since I first shared my diagnosis with friends and family — but it’s a good side effect. It’s the outpouring of support I’ve received — the thoughts and prayers, cards and gifts, e-mails and phone calls, and encouragement and compliments. I’ve had friends offer to fly from faraway places to help me. I’ve heard from friends I haven’t talked with in many years and thought I’d never hear from again. I hear from someone every day — it might be a comment on this site or a personal e-mail. Something might arrive in the mail or someone might call to check on me. It keeps me going. It lifts my spirits in moments of weakness. It reminds me of the power of love and friendship. It’s the best medicine — and the best side effect — so far.

Jacki Donaldson